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Bonny Beuret is the Director of Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC.  Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions (BLP), is a worldwide provider of corporate performance management solutions.

Bonny is an accredited NLP Certification trainer, experienced educator and provider of "Point of Change"TM coaching and training services.  Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC provides professional services through Neuro-linguistic Programming Certification training programs, its "Point of Change"TM programs, Corporate Performance Coaching programs and Adult Learning Differences programs.

With offices in Savanna Georgia, Orlando Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida and Basel Switzerland, Bonny and her highly trained staff work with you to bring hidden tools to the forefront in order to discover affordable and effective solutions to problems.  Contact Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC today, and learn what the "Point of Change"TM coaching process can do for you to prevent performance barriers from occurring.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

The BLP NLP Professional Training and Certification Program is for professionals seeking to become accredited in Neuro-linguistic Programming by the NLP Society and NLP International.  Unlike any other NLP training on the market, we specialize in One-on-One programs and Micro Group programs for training in a coaching format.  We use the streets and hideaways of Georgia, Florida and Switzerland for our classrooms.  We love the challenge of this micro coaching format for the freedom it gives us, the great results—and the fun it brings to all.

Point of Change Coaching

BLP's Point of Change Coaching and Training Programs are designed for busy and successful professionals who are facing very real, urgent and driving challenges in their lives.  They want quick and effective solutions, not just quick fixes.  Find out how CEOs and entrepreneurs are using "Point of Change"TM to achieve an unprecedented professional edge, replacing blocks and barriers with renewed focus, mental toughness and well-being.  Today, in this economy, the "Point of Change"TM Coaching and Training Program can make all the difference.  Point of ChangeTM is not just about coaching, it's an exclusive, one of a kind process designed to ensure your success!

Corporate Performance Coaching

Corporate Performance Coaching is for the company that is interested in moving their executives or staff as a whole to the next level in the areas of corporate performance management, professional management development, work performance optimization and the enhancement of leadership skills.  Read what Bonny has to say about her life passion:

My first love is executive coaching and performance coaching.  It seems easy for me, is highly satisfying and also very challenging.  I am also rather unique in the field, as I dance back and forth between dialogue (NLP type), technology—probably no coach in America has as broad a draw of high tech technologies to tune out obstructions to success—and methodologies having been in so many different fields (Bonny Beuret, 2011).

The ADHD Leader - ADHD Consulting

The Beuret quality and caring approach to helping those with learning disabilities, has earned Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions recognition as The ADHD LeaderThe ADHD Leader teaches the mental, physical and emotional strategies needed for people to reach their personal, peak mental performance.  With the proper tools, learning disabilities can be crafted into highly suitable "gifts" for success in the business and entrepreneurial world.

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Beuret Best Practices

Beuret Best Practices are the de facto standards adopted by many practicing in the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, executive coaching, performance coaching and learning and performance solutions.

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