“There is ALWAYS a solution to the problem, and pssst…it’s already inside you.”

Specializing in professional development coaching, leadership training and NLP Certification, Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC works with you to bring the hidden tools to the forefront to discover the solution to the problem. Bonny Beuret is a facilitator, trainer and consultant with over 25 years experience on 5 continents in the fields of learning, professional development, stress & energy management, information processing (brain training)- and particularly the barriers that prevent those from occurring.

Who I Am

Greetings! My name is Bonny Beuret and I am passionate about people. People and their joys and people and their loves. I am a professional performance and executive coach, a trainer, a trainer of trainers and a consultant. I am also a woman, a grateful mother, an avid traveler, a sometimes hiker and always a horse and dog lover. I am, like you, a person who frequently struggles with the hectics of overloaded days in this frenzied world. Once in a while I have to remind myself of the purpose of it all.

What I Do

I show people how they can turn it up a notch and turn barriers into breakthroughs. That’s it, short and sweet. I sport over 25 years of experience in the fields of learning, time and energy management, information processing, change design, leadership and performance enhancement – and particularly the barriers that prevent these from occurring.

How I Do It

With whatever means works… Sometimes it’s through coaching, sometimes its through training skills, sometimes just having a talk over a nicely-foamed espresso… It’s always through listening deeply.

I do have some strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t in managing change. And I do have some strongly-favored methods. The Mix in Point of Change Coaching that I have sculpted into what I call the Point of Change process.

So, if you come to me and tell me that you aren’t where you want to be in your professional life, I’ll ask you “So where do you want to be?” and “What’s your best guess what’s holding you back? “ From that I might suggest a Point of Change program, or I might suggest NLP Certification program or I might suggest taking a walloping big vacation, or reading a great book.

I will definitely want to know if you’re really ready to make a change. If you are sick enough of the status quo. And if you are really, now, this time, committed to changing NOW, and not in six months. And more, if you are willing to work to find your dream and let it happen?

If both you and I decide that it’s the right time and we’re a match for each other, then we’ll get started…

What I’ve Done

After college, I went for a 6 week visit to Switzerland and stayed 30+ years.

In my time (and in chronological order) I’ve been an English teacher – a TESOL trainer – a copy writer – a head of training – a seminar designer – an owner-manager of a large language school – a corporate trainer – a head and a founding member and President of a couple of professional associations – an NLP trainer and train-the-trainer – a learning disabilities expert – a teacher trainer for K-12 – an owner-manager of a large learning center dealing with dyslexia, ADD, autism – a biofeedback and neurofeedback practitioner – advocate – performance coach – executive coach and trainer.

Why Switzerland? I wanted to see the world and my father was Swiss. He was a textile engineer and emigrated just before the Great Depression to the States. Trained in time-motion studies, he fostered in me the great dream of efficiency, optimism and sleek, simple systems. My mother’s blood infused me with playfulness. A small segue: take a nostalgic excursion into the past. Here is a YouTube link to a film of my father’s band: the renowned Swiss Lanigiro Syncopating Melody Kings of 1926 from Basel, Switzerland!

Whatever I have done with the varied corporations, educational institutions, private individuals and as managing director of my own companies, it has always had as its core a drive to develop innovative learning and performance strategies. To find efficient, rapid ways to break through current ceilings and to learn new skills for success and well-being. Really, always!

Where I’m Heading

I look at it this way: time is short, why waste it? So, I am ever on the lookout for innovative ways to accelerate the learning (and un-learning) process. I search out tried and true models and tinker with them in new forms. I synthesize. This keeps me on my toes, enjoying every moment of my coaching sessions, workshops, and consultations. And it keeps my clients happy.

Currently, I am on a passionate exploration of some intriguing new forms and applications of distance and mobile learning. My goal is to find and refine learning methods that are peer-supported and go deep in spite of the distance.

I like things short and snappy. It’s the same with learning: the process should be a series of brief and intensive experiences that are compelling, experiential, highly motivating, and have forward drive.


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