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Stress at work: "At some point they will explode"

How you can help such people?
Once the panic can turn into peace, an improvement is possible. Of course there will still need a good strategy, but as long as the parties are under great stress, they are not in a position to develop strategies. There are relatively simple stress management techniques like breathing exercises and conscious separation from negative thoughts, they help us to live in the present. Using neurofeedback can be better regulated, the brain waves. In some cases, cognitive behavior therapy is necessary to enable the parties to find out from their vicious circle.

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Outburst in the office – "There is a cowboy mentality"

Emotional explosions in the workplace – in the U.S. there is already a term for it: Desk rage. According to recent studies, one in ten working adults have already experienced violence in the job. Every second must often yell at and insulted. Bonny Beuret, a psychologist from Savannah in the U.S. state of Georgia helps people who use their anger in the job no longer have under control.

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