Our Locations

Spanning the globe, Bonny finds the world her professional playground. Bases of operation are below but Bonny thrives on meeting her clients where they are.

Switzerland is where Bonny called home over 35 years, Orlando is where her family beckons from and Savannah is home for now. Programs and trainings are conducted in all three and elsewhere. Check out Bonny About Town to see where Bonny is working currently.

Savannah, Georgia in the Lovely Deep South

Welcome to Savannah, the sultry and mysterious “Belle” of the Southeastern coast of the United States. Savannah captivates with her natural beauty, eccentric, Olde World charm and traditional Southern hospitality . Home to movies Forrest Gump, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Cape Fear and many others.

If you come here to Savannah for a training or program, make sure to schedule an extra day or two. Savannah loves sharing her treasures with guests.

For more about Savannah, visit http://www.savannahvisit.com.


Welcome to Orlando, home of the grand entertainment and vacation industry. Visit Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and many more. The most beautiful side of Orlando are the back waters – consider canoeing down the Little St John River in a 6 hour canoe ride, all on your own. See the wonders of the Florida natural landscape.

For more about Orlando, visit //http://www.orlandoinfo.com.


Welcome to Switzerland, land of the Alps, home of fondue and throbbing international cities.

In Switzerland, Basel is the location that serves as Bonny’s home away from home. Working alongside the Lerninstitut Basel Team, Bonny spends several months throughout the year here to assist clients.

For more about Basel, Switzerland, visit // http://www.basel.com/en/welcome.cfm.