Our Team

BLP is founded on the basis of a strong team of administrative support as well as colleagues to provide the optimal experience for clients. Bonny, of course, is the heart and soul that puts this talented team to work and draws upon a pool of Associates that she has worked with for years.
  • Bonny Beuret, Founder and Performance Consultant 
    • www.beuret.com
  • Zia-ur-Rehman Ansari, Coporate Training, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Consultant
    • www.zansari.com
  • Bliss L. Thompson, Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity Consultant 
  • Rishabh Sharma, Co-Developer and Product Development Colleague
    • http://www.soulrider.in
  • Gabi Lichtenhan, Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of European Activities
    • www.legasthenie.ch/about