“I have accomplished nothing if my client is not independent of me at the end!"

“It's great to hear how you've got yourself established in such a way that your own creativity and talents can be contributed – and in the style that you choose. What a wonderful feeling that must be. I've always admired you, Bonny, in the way you can pull together so many different strands and ideas/practices and come up with a whole new constellation that works and can be a vehicle for your own warm-heartedness and generosity of spirit. And you keep on doing that again and again – in different countries and different moments and always be presuming that what you have to offer is going to be very much appreciated by those who find their way to your door! That is still something I'm learning how to do – from your good example.”
R.T., Director, DDA Nederlands

“Bonny is a sensational trainer and coach. I had the privilege to attend two of her seminars and was fascinated by her elegant and effortless way of creating a highly conductive learning atmosphere. By making everyone feel at ease, capable, curious and successful, she provided an unique opportunity to deeply integrate the learning material on the spot, thus ensuring a powerful way of transfering out new knowledge to the "outside" world. Thank you Bonny”
P.S., Principal, Coaching and Consulting Services, Your Coach, Switzerland

“In the course of my professional career, I have worked with various sources to improve my mental peak performance and personal/professional development until I met Bonny. Bonny has an exceptional talent of zeroing in to my particular needs and adapting her coaching style and expertise to get me tangible results. With out-of-the-box and provocative interventions, I learned so much in little time and was able to achieve my goals faster than I ever imagined. Best of all, I have been given tools and methods I can use daily on my own. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking real and long-term results.”
A.U., Director of Sales, ITI Tourism Marketing, United States

“Bonny is an expert when it comes to coaching, information processing, helping people to overcome their learning problems and she is a wonderful person to work with. I reported to her during my time at Syntonics AG (Lerninstitut Basel) over a period of almost five years and found her to be a very goal oriented and sharp executive. She is full of creativity, has a great gift to think outside of the box, and her honesty and warm hearted approach in business and coaching situations make her the ideal partner to work with. Bonny also has a very well developed business sense: during our work together she was the first person in the educational industry in Switzerland to start using such groundbreaking methods as Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, NLP and other approaches in a learning related environment. I have only the best to say about Bonny, be it in regard to learning therapy, coaching or as a person to report to. I highly recommend her services and her as a person.”
N.C., Clinical Head of Insitute, Syntonics AG

“Thank you, Bonny, for opening this new world for me and for your humor, inspiration and great insight. I know that my right brain is working with my left brain together, not against each other.
R.H., Lead Analyst, Private Investment Bank, Switzerland

(When asked about Bonny’s expertise, a former client shared the following:)
• The Mix you use.
• You have a huge toolbox, you master them, so you can use it for anyone in any situation, and you make sure that the results are substainable.
• You come in by the backdoor: you walk in and work on “performance” Issues, but your clear focus is to make fundamental, and deep channge. You get to the deep stuff quick.
• You are fun and everybody likes you. No matter how bad the situation you lighten up the load.
• You are professional and you are credible.
• You are so experienced. Different cultures, different roles, different types of problems.

R.B., Head of Product Line, Pharmaton Inc., Switzerland