The Name Point of Change

Over the course of Bonny’s career, an emerging three step process became a consistent theme in gaining success for her clients. As she explained the process to each new client, she found herself drawing the same diagram over and over again to share a visual representation of the necessary elements to secure long term change.

As Bonny worked on her systems, it was clear that this is a key to what sets her apart.

So, what is the Point of Change?
The "point" in the Point of Change has two meanings: the reason for change and the moment in time of change. Both of these must come together for any significant change to occur.

Bonny’s belief is that you already have all the resources within you that you need to tackle your current challenges … they just need a bit of re-arranging. And the goal here is for you to be independent of the need for support as soon as possible.

3 STEP POINT OF CHANGE PROCESS that guarantees your success

Rebooting – Tools to Success — Anchoring Excellence

  • Step 1 – REBOOTING
    First, I help you see your current situation for what it is: a temporary stumbling block on your path to our dream. We clarify your goals and your vision. And strategize the steps to get there. And then we Reboot! meaning, we tackle the blocks. We figure out what got you stuck there and we get you unstuck. So it’s like rebooting a computer.
    Second, I teach you the key 10 – 15 tools of all peak performers. We break them down and customize them for you. You practice them until you have mastered each. They are natural and require little effort.
    Third, we take it to a new level. The practice field is your life. We take other difficulties you might be having in your life and turn them around, too. By having mastered these tools and applying them daily to your life, they become a part of you. You anchor the excellence in your life. And they are yours now for the rest of your life.