Professional and Entrepreneur ADHD

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Professional and Entrepreneur ADHD

Great!  It’s that energy and smarts that got you this far.  So add some structure and organization to make a go of it from here on out.

All of the science and the research tells us that a person’s brain with ADHD is structured differently.  Many people out there believe that this means wrongly.  Clearly they are wrong. While this structure may feel like a disease, it really should be considered a real talent.  No place is this talent side more evident than in the entrepreneurial world.  The entrepreneurial spirit thrives on big vision and challenges making it a perfect place for the professional who was given the label back at school Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. 

The ADHD state of mind (=state of grace) is always in need of a challenge. Always. Always!  The more the merrier.  More - professionals with ADHD traits are often multi-dimensional thinkers, extremely sensitive to their environment, highly creative and excel (!) at learning when they are interested in what they are learning and not being force fed and having to regurgitate it.   

Admittedly, there are some negatives that do come with this talented mindset.  Distractibility, procrastination, impulsiveness and fogginess often plague the individual with ADHD. 

The key is to remember that these are meant to be managed rather than treated.  Be honest now: if it were you, would YOU want to get rid of this talented mindset?  Of course not!

How to manage life using an intensely creative brain?  Begin by creating a fertile environment with structure and organization. Commit to minimizing distractions. Create a weekly plan (yes, I know, ugh). Then use an agenda (yes, I know, ugh).  Commit to those appointments. Commit to being on time. Commit to having everything you need with you when you arrive.  Commit to staying on track in meetings.

Yes, I know – there are a lot of ugh’s there in that list.  Who ever said it would be easy?  But simple it is.

Remember that if you are professional with ADHD traits, you can find yourself excelling beyond what you had imagined.  Creating the fertile environment consists of working with the ADHD traits not against it.   Also remember that minimizing distractions is key, so avoid working in the main office space or use earplugs, if possible.  Taking small breaks during the day and/or taking a walk at lunch can do wonders.  There are tons of simple solutions like these that can make all the difference to the professional with ADHD. It’s all about managing, not treating.

To learn more about The ADHD Leader and ADHD Consulting, please visit our The ADHD Leader and ADHD Consulting page.

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