Information Overload

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Crushed under the weight of daily information needs? Notice yourself making mistakes and spending more time correcting them? Make decisions with speed and confidence!


The age of technology, rapid information processing and increasing expectations are upon us. Down deep we know that we are proficient and possess all of the skills needed to accomplish our goals. However the ever-changing world has some of us making more mistakes, working in reactive mode, constantly back-tracking and letting the little voice of insecurity creep in. It is high time to put all of that aside and remember what we are made of. We get perspective about where we want to be.

What motivates you deeply? In life? In your career? Why did you really take that job, marry that person or start that family in the first place? Give yourself plenty of time to ferret out the answers. And when you’ve got them, savor it! Reflect forward seeing vividly the life that you will have. Now reflect backwards again remembering your key drives. Now then RELAX.

Take this challenge and let me know how it works for you….

Use the timer on your computer or you cell phone. Set it for every 1/2 hour or for 60 minute intervals (1/2 hour is better). Make a commitment that every time it rings you will stop, move your body a little, take several deep breathes and get your bearings. Define getting your bearings as – what have you accomplished, what do you need to accomplish and WHY. Don’t forget to zero in on the “why.” The “why” is what will spur you into and keep you in action mode. With this you are well on your way to banishing that overload.

You will notice when you try this for a week that you are doing less, getting more. You will notice things get simpler. You will find yourself just naturally uncluttering your daily informational needs. It just happens.

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