Learning Development

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How to get and keep the information, knowledge, skills, tasks, jobs, and responsibilities.



Know that without a shadow of a doubt that you can get and keep the information, knowledge, skills, tasks, jobs, responsibilities that are vital to your success. And know that it’s just simple human nature to want to trudge back to your comfort zone. We humans just don’t like change too much. That’s biologically in our genes. It helps us to survive in a round-about way. So don’t let yourself be shocked when you find yourself questioning your learning capabilities. Every profession has core competencies that are required. I have never met a professional unable to learn a new competency easily. The trick is to learn how to rid yourself of the beliefs and/or environment that blocks learning.

People that have to learn new competencies have to be willing to take the risk. Taking that risk means not focusing on the perceived consequences of your actions. Instead focus on moments in your life where you’ve succeeded very well in learning something. Now, and this is big, know that this absolutely is still in you and that you can still do it. Banish the lingering “I’m too old, slowing down, not smart enough, too much to lose” doubts. Taking the time to work on your self-doubts is huge and working on any environmental conditions holding you back will give you the confidence to take the risk and master the learning that you so desire.

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