Stress and Overwhelm

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…fit through stress not in spite of stress
…meeting requirements in a chaotic world
…managing your emotions under intense pressure



Resilience is defined as the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. Basically stress is a part of life that believe it or not we all need.

Our resilience or ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change is in the attitude that we choose to take. Do we see ourselves as fit through stress not in spite of stress? We fail when we become brittle and unable to absorb more stress. Instead, view stress as a challenge, something to solve rather than an attack upon us. Think of our immune systems. A robust immune system can resist diseases that will kill some people and poor immune systems are not hardy enough to resist incoming diseases.

If you think that you can set up concrete barriers to keep stress at bay, think again. You are wrong. Stress is life. Life is stress. A rich and good life is a life lived out there in the real world, the bustling world, the sometimes scary world.

It’s about absorbing the strains, managing them, even welcoming them. You may be thinking that you have heard all about the management part of stress. The “management” in stress management that I am referring to has to do with managing 1) your expectations, 2) your emotions and 3) requirements.

Manage your expectations by knowing that stress is a part of life and that you are capable of solving whatever challenge comes. Again is about the mindset that you choose to take. Notice the word choose here/ It truly is a choice. The successful person treats stress management as a fun game to win.

Manage your emotions. How many situations do you take personally? Is your first reaction an emotional one that causes you to respond in ways that you regret later? Have you set yourself up for success by learning tools to help you manage your unique emotional response? The successful person is ALWAYS the flexible one in the situation, the one who can detach, see the bigger picture and then choose how s/he wants to feel and act.

Manage your requirements in the chaotic world that surrounds you. What techniques do you use when you start to feel overwhelmed? Are you prioritizing and managing your requirements effectively? Or are you part of the “I am busier than you” one upmanship club? You know that club, don’t you? We did not grow up with the goal to be the busiest person on the block, so why do we wear that as a badge of honor now? The successful person NEVER wears that badge.

Carefully examining and tweaking these three areas can make a huge difference in not only your quality of life but success in life. There are numerous tools and strategies to help in dealing with stress and overwhelm that you will see throughout my site.

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