Building upon excellence and success to the next level

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Building upon excellence and success to the next level

Rebooting from crisis mode to success and well-being mode

“There is ALWAYS a solution to the problem, and pssst….it’s normally there just around the corner.” 

Let’s get it straight. We are ALL competent, capable and talented. We ALL have the skills that we need to create the life that we envision.  Then problems come up.  Life happens.  This simply means that life pushes us to a new level of responsibilities.  So “where do I go from here?”

You will find that you go through 3 important steps on your way to answering that question.  The first is to “reboot.”  You have to put this new life stumble or new responsibility into perspective.  See it as merely a small stumbling block on the path to your dream and the life want to enjoy.  Clarify your goal. Clarify your vision.  Get clear.

Next figure out what got you stuck in the first place.  Then figure out how to get yourself unstuck.  Not always easy, but always doable.

Step two. Use “tools for success” or any of the acknowledged mental tools that all peak performers know and use.  These are true time-tested techniques and mental tools to give you all that you need to move forward. 

Step three.  “Anchor” them securely into your daily life.  Commit to using these tools in your everyday life to make them a part of you.  Until they become habits of mind, I guarantee that you will not be successful.  This process is vital.  It not only gets you moving forward in the right direction but gives you the life-long tools to use when life happens or responsibilities change again. 

Change always involves mental change.  The tricky thing in this change is creating the new set of mental habits that will in the long run keep it all in balance for you.  So, to review, there are basically three points of change – you  reboot, learn new skills and anchor to put yourself back into balance.

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