Peak Mental Performance – Part Two

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Bonny's Article Series: Peak Mental Performance

I hope you enjoyed my previous article on Peak Mental Performance, and that you now have a better grasp of how this vital personal performance tool affects practically every aspect of your life. My goal is first to get you thinking…then relating…then taking action!

Where did you rate yourself on your personal Peak Mental Performance chart? Which limiting factors did you identify with that may be preventing you from achieving your best possible peak mental performance level? Now, how will you choose to act?

Peak mental performance as a fundamental yet critical aspect of life coaching, is so close to my heart that I thought I would write a series of articles dedicated to it. Life coaching, especially on an individual level, is particularly important to me as a peak mental performance coach.

The "Beuret" learning and performance solutions I offer can be carried through to both your professional and corporate performance areas as well. Bear this in mind as we explore some of those things that may be holding you back.

Following the ‘alphabet’ theme, let’s have a look at some of the contributing or limiting factors that impact your ability to achieve your desired state of peak mental performance….


How do you relate to barriers, obstacles and hurdles in your life? Do you see them as that, or do you face them as challenges and opportunities for growth and experience? Your mental approach to these problems is often the first place to start in identifying the next best step forward. Your attitude is directly related to your determination and success. Get this right and you’re well on your way to performing at your personal peak mental performance!


What do you really believe you are capable of? Do you live within your predefined personal limits that then manifest and limit you? Or do you believe you are powerful and limitless, capable of achieving anything at all? Perhaps all you need is the direction, the focus and the guidance that a peak mental performance coach can help you with. Well, you’ve come to the right place! As long as your belief system is unlimited, you believe you are capable of true greatness and absolutely want it for yourself—I will provide you with the tools to achieve positive and lasting change—the Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions.


How often do you analyze your behavior as a contributor or limiter to your personal state of peak mental performance? How we act is often a reflection of how we think and feel. Is it time to evaluate how your thoughts and feelings contribute to your actions, your behavior? A subtle shift in attitude may be all you need to have you ‘behaving’ more effectively.


Boredom can be a very destructive demotivator. It leads to apathy, lethargy and procrastination. What are you doing to best occupy your time? Are you managing your time well? Are you doing enough to stop from being bored?


How have you defined your own personal boundaries and limits? Do you feel you may be, even subconsciously, limiting and compromising your own personal best? It could well be time to evaluate what you truly believe you are capable of.


This is a very real possibility in today’s day and age. You may be teetering on the brink of collapse, but you ‘keep it together’ because you have to. How can you deal with this? How will you turn it all around and feel good, positive and motivated? Do you need help? Now?


What are those things that bind and burden you? Daily distractions or commitments that hinder or frustrate you. How do you deal with them? Do you positively work them into your day, and get them done first? Or, do you allow them to limit and discourage you? Stop to consider what in your life may be holding you back.


How do you manage your day, your time, your life? Do you keep yourself busy and simply ‘get by’? Or, do you truly ‘busy’ yourself with those things that are in line with your goals, dreams and desires? Effective time management will go a long way to accomplishing what you set your mind to.

Remember to browse through my website and the services I offer to see how I can help more effectively align you to reach your true level of peak mental performance. To learn more about peak mental performance and performance coaching, please visit our Corporate Performance Coaching page.

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