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From the desk of Bonny Beuret —

As a Peak Mental Performance Coach, I am a firm believer in our capacity to learn, adopt and apply simple strategies for sensational success. So I think this topic is the perfect starting point for discussing this critical aspect of personal development and performance.

The incredible, positive and lasting effect these strategies will have on your life and your determination to excel – beyond your own perceived capacity – is well within your grasp!

Strategies for enhanced awareness, heightened enthusiasm, setting and achieving goals, a determined drive to succeed and, ultimately, superior performance – are all crucial in today’s fiercely competitive world.

My goal here is to get you thinking, focusing and ACTING on those areas in your life that you have identified as wanting (or needing) immediate attention for radical, positive change.

Much of my work involves dealing with people who have sought my help after identifying areas or challenges in their lives that need either constructive development or transformation. Committing to and attaining peak mental performance is as simple as acknowledging that all the tools are available to you. And that you are capable of harnessing them to create a new, supercharged and totally confident YOU – with a totally focused winner’s mindset!

You know that performing at your mental peak is a vital cog in the personal transformation you desire or aspire to. That is why you should be determined to commit to a sure-fire means to achieve this. One that is easy to follow, to apply and to stick with.

And you’ve seen it all around you. From the incredible and often overwhelming variety of self-help material available out there, to the living examples of those who truly perform at their peak, constantly. And there are plenty of fine examples. Many past and present top achievers become motivators or coaches, each offering to transfer their skills and talents to those who wish to learn and succeed.

So what is their secret to success? What do they have or do that sets them apart? Are they gifted more than others? Are they born with it? Of course not. They believe in it – the ‘it’ being themselves. For them, peak mental performance is a state. A constant, focused state of mind.

And it can be yours by simply changing YOUR state of mind – your mental approach to life’s game. You’ll be a winner every time, because you believe you will. Even in defeat, you will know you have given your best and your ‘winning’ is taking the valuable experience and lessons learned forward with you.

Now, here is a simple exercise: Stop for a moment and rate yourself on a scale of 1–10 on the peak mental performance chart. Think about it and be honest with yourself. Where do you slot into this equation, right now? Are you somewhere near the top, constantly aspiring to greatness, or are you floundering around the middle or lower end because of curved balls and distractions that life throws your way?

It is so easy to lose focus and direction; to make excuses for your own life and shortcomings; and to give up on what you KNOW you are capable of; without the right tools AND mindset. After all, who is the only one responsible for your success, or failure? And what most folk fail to realize here, is that those observing us know this answer too.

We are all a living exhibition of our internal mechanisms. Typically, we outwardly portray – in word and in deed – that which drives us from within.

Now picture yourself in this situation: You are a stressed-out, overworked and overwhelmed professional, clambering to hold a happy family lifestyle together at the same time. You are expected to perform at work AND at home. There are critical deadlines, demands, distractions and often disappointments too, all pulling you in different directions, determined to demoralize and demotivate you.

So what do you do?

As I see it, there are only two alternatives. DO, or die, literally. The strong accept the challenge, adapt, survive, learn and grow stronger.

More commonly, however, we find people in these situations completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of modern life and its demands. The weak or more complacent typically turn to excuse.

Are you aware of any excuses you might be using that prevent you from performing at your peak? How do you identify them?

Well, the English dictionary is scattered with words associated with peak mental performance, or the reasons for the lack of it. Let’s look at a few examples from ‘A’:


Do you question or excuse yours? Or do you know and believe that within, we all have the capacity and ability to live at peak mental performance all the time? How do you develop, apply and live yours?


We all suffer adversity and challenges in our lives – some severe enough for us to simply want to quit. Winners don’t. ‘Overcoming all odds’ suddenly springs to mind here. How do you deal with and overcome yours?


Do you allow anxiety to become your master and simply crumble at the first signs? Are you typically anxious by nature? It is a natural human emotion we all experience, but how we deal with it separates true achievers from the rest. Calmly dealing with anxiety can radically alter your…


And I read somewhere – something that stuck with me – that attitude determines altitude. What better way is there to describe it than that? When you set your sights high, your positive attitude is undoubtedly your single strongest success tool. And remember, attitudes are contagious – is yours worth catching?

And the list goes on… There are many areas to explore and discuss around peak mental performance and the benefits of operating at optimum efficiency in ALL areas of your life.

So then, after that food for thought, how do you feel now about exploring other aspects of your life that may be holding you back?

Which areas would they be? How do you feel about making use of professional assistance to guide and lead you? What level of your peak mental performance do you want to live at?

And how can I help you?

Well then, I hope this article sparks some interesting dialogue and I look forward to hearing your comments. Feel free to share your personal experiences with us, or post a response with any suggestions, recommendations or requests you may have.

And I encourage you to seriously question where your mental performance level is at right now. If it is not up where you want or know it should be, I would love to hear from you!

And I would love to help guide you in the right direction with advice and skills that are simple to grasp and easy to apply, permanently. Have a good look around my website in the mean time. You will learn more about me and how I can help you.

Warm wishes and much success!

Bonny Beuret – Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC

To learn more about Peak Mental Performance and performance coaching, please read our article Peak Mental Performance (Part Two) and our Corporate Performance Coaching programs page.

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