Blocks, Fears and Phobias

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Releasing them and use that stored up energy
for strong forward drive.
From resistance to resilience


Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind. Now this is both good and bad. Good? Yes. Fear, and its fright, flight and fight behaviors that follow clearly serve us well in many an situation. They remove us for the source of danger. Without the mechanism of fear that snake would get us, that tiger would eat us.

Yet fear has a another, different face. “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out” (Karl Augustus Menninger). The fears that we hold so dear to us, that accompany us daily are mostly of the second variety. “I’m not good enough” “They won’t like me.” “No matter how hard I try, I’ll fail”. Thoughts like these, the ones that zoom around in our mind again and again are conditioned. So, they can be un-conditioned. And thanks to new technologies of mind (Neuro-linguistic-programming) and body (biofeedback) and energy psychology (EFT, Thought Field Therapy, Be Set Free Fast, Matrix Reimprinting) overcoming these types of fears is relatively simply nowadays.

The same holds true for blocks and phobias. Blocks, fears and phobias drain our energy and mental capacities in the same manner that holding on to emotions such as anger and unforgiveness do. The successful person learns how to release these negatives and put that stored up energy to good use driving forward to achieving all that they were created to.

The process of releasing these negatives is essentially moving from resistance to resilience. The first step is to acknowledge the block, fear or phobia. Without the acknowledgement the work to move forward cannot occur. Don’t feel the need to skirt around the issue. That acknowledgement should be celebrated as a first step.

The next step is to confront the irrational beliefs that caused the block, fear or phobia in the first place. Everyone goes through periods or has issues where their vision is clouded. Naming and confronting in a safe, healthy way can start the path to driving forward.

Finally it is all about action. It is about making conscious efforts to push past it and take positive actions. Persistence and endurance with these actions is vital to moving toward resiliency.

Isn’t it time for our talents to fuel us rather than our blocks, fears and phobias? Effective leaders learn to manage these stumbles, discover their unique blend of talents and trust in those talents completely to operate in success.

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