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Performance Management Coaching and Training

Corporate performance management solutions at Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC, encompass performance coaching, executive coaching, management development training and related fields.  Our One-on-One programs and Micro Group programs are designed around the exclusive Bonny Beuret "Point of ChangeTM Coaching" process.

Corporations, as well as individuals, are offered corporate performance solutions that best fit their needs.  These needs vary depending on several factors: the needs of the individual, the needs of the business and cost factors to name a few.  Whether the need is for executive coaching, performance coaching or coaching employees, Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions (BLP) has the right solutions for you and your team.

So where do we start?  First, we need to assist clients in understanding the problems and challenges people are facing today.  Based on a needs assessment and subsequent agreed upon course of action, performance coaching, executive coaching and other coaching and training programs are customized according to client specific needs.

Performance Management Prerequisites

Performance management is the continuous process of managing the performances of people for getting desired results.  The prerequisites required for a successful corporate performance management system include, as a minimum:

  • Top management support and commitment, which is crucial to the success of a corporate performance management system.  In addition, a mission statement and performance goals must be established and documented to ensure that resources are appropriately allocated toward the realization of organizational objectives.
  • Leadership development capitalizing on strengths and management of weaknesses aid in the development of leadership skills.  The definition of roles and the interrelationship of roles for performing organizational activities must be inline with organizational objectives.
  • Effective communication is essential, and fine tuning of existing communication styles increases desired outputs.
  • Training of employees should be based on the identification of training needs from periodic evaluation and review of measurement results relative to established performance goals.

Performance Management Continual Improvement

Responsibility rests with top management for providing mentoring, executive coaching, performance coaching and training of employees to ensure continual improvement and success of the performance management system.

  • Improve productivity by "REBOOTING" from crisis mode to success mode.  Become a successful leader!
  • How to become a successful leader: "You adapt. You overcome. You improvise. Let's move!” Clint Eastwood Heartbreak Ridge (1986).
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Performance Management Barriers

Bonny Beuret and Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC, provide clients with the performance coaching needed to overcome performance management barriers.  Do you find it difficult to evaluate performance with regard to established goals?  Are you uncertain how to improve performance?  Delivering the right message is of utmost importance, and Bonny and her team have the performance management solutions and tools needed to help you acquire the leadership skills that you need to help others overcome these performance management barriers:

  • Fears, phobias and other overwhelming performance blocks.
  • Stress in the workplace brought on by meeting performance requirements in a chaotic corporate world.
  • Competency and declining information processing, learning, prioritizing and decision making.

Performance Management Solutions

At Beuret Learning and Performance Solutions, LLC, performance management coaching and training takes on many forms.  As mentioned before, performance coaching, executive coaching and other coaching and training programs are customized according to client specific needs.  These are just a few of the areas in which we excel:

  • Executive Coaching and Performance Coaching – achieve peak mental performance.
  • Performance Management Training – performance management system assessment and training.
  • Management Development Training – leadership assessment and training.
  • Leadership Coaching – capitalize on strengths to further develop world class leadership skills.
  • Stress Management – do not let stress rule your life. Fight back, and enjoy the challenges again!
  • Brain Training – brighten your thinking and free yourself from fear of cognitive decline and memory loss.
  • Hypnosis Applications – overcome performance blocks, fears and phobias.

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