Point of Change Coaching

Change is a constant.

"The most powerful force for change is already inside you."

But the direction of change can be determined in a single moment of focused awareness. Harness the power of A Point of Change, and you will become the force that determines your future.

“Life coaching” has become a catch all term. It can mean anything and nothing.

“Professional development” and “performance coaching”, on the other hand, are both more specific in scope, and just as broad in consequence. We begin with performance, some performance that you are wanting to improve, breakthrough, develop, succeed wildly in, have more of (chose your word), and do just that. And when success piles upon success, your whole life changes.

Our Coaching Model
Coaching is traditionally seen as a dialogue process. I choose a more encompassing model. I draw upon my roots as an educator, facilitator, instructor, and corporate trainer. I collaborate with you to “solve” a very real, urgent and driving problem in your professional life with a series of short and intensive sessions. During the process, I focus on showing you how to use my coaching tools, yourself, on a continued basis so that they become engrained as habits in your life. You effectively walk away with two benefits: a current obstacle overcome, a new level of performance attained AND the habits and mental tools to navigate the next obstacle in your life. These habits and mental tools become second nature to you in the ensuing weeks and months.

The Point of Change is a program that is designed to be used in 2 settings: one on one, The Point of Change One on One Program, or small groups, The Point of Change Micro Group Program. Programs via the telephone or Skype are available upon request.

The Point of Change One on One Program

Ready to step up to the next level?

Need more confidence to bring on the changes you want?

Facing a barrier and can’t break through it?

Want to improve your relationships and leadership skills?

Skillfully invest and renew your available energy?

An individualized personal performance and professional development coaching program. For those of you who are tired of cookie cutter solutions to the obstacles and ceilings that you are experiencing. Commitment to change, a driving desire and search for relief are prerequisites to know if this is the program for you. Consider it for both of us the “100 day challenge”.

3 STEP POINT OF CHANGE PROCESS that guarantees your success

Rebooting – Tools to Success — Anchoring Excellence

First, I help you see your current situation for what it is: a temporary stumbling block on your path to our dream. We clarify your goals and your vision. And strategize the steps to get there. And then we Reboot! meaning, we tackle the blocks. We figure out what got you stuck there and we get you unstuck. So it’s like rebooting a computer.

Second, I teach you the key 10 – 15 tools of all peak performers. We break them down and customize them for you. You practice them until you have mastered each. They are natural and require little effort.

Third, we take it to a new level. The practice field is your life. We take other difficulties you might be having in your life and turn them around, too. By having mastered these tools and applying them daily to your life, they become a part of you. You anchor the excellence in your life. And they are yours now for the rest of your life.

How will you benefit? You will:

  • Reach your 3 top personal performance goals for the next 6 months. Guaranteed – or your money back.
  • Achieve a sustainable improvement in performance and productivity related to these goals.
  • Gain (measurably) greater resilience in the face of tough times
  • Enhance your feeling of emotional well-being immeasuraby, yet measurably.
  • Acquire the habits of mind and the mental tools to effectively navigate any future obstacles.

What You Can Expect:

  • A minimum of 20 hours of personalized 1:1 sessions with Bonny over a span of 100 days – Sessions are mostly 90 minutes each. Scheduling of the sessions is tailored along the way to utilize the time when you most need it.
  • Appropriate training devices provided for between-session training at home.
  • 2 Point of Change CD’s – custom designed and recorded for you by me to meet your needs and your specific outcomes.
    These CD’s reinforce and strengthen the coaching sessions. We take your exact wording and turns of phrase and weave them together into the recording to directly speak to your deeper, conscious mind. This creates a perfect match between message and form. Far more effective than any generic product on the market could ever be.
  • Session recordings via audio or visual means to reinforce the learnings.
  • Written Process Instructions for implementing your program on the job or at home.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support over the rest of the year addressing any questions or hurdles and celebrating the breakthroughs you’ve had.

The Point of Change Micro Group Program

This is an ongoing professional performance and personal development program for those who wish to achieve more well-being and success in their life. It is essentially the same program as the Point of Change One on One, however, you are partnered with others who share similar interests and needs in a very small group. The Point of Change Micro Group program is designed to be a relaxed, grow as you’re ready program. It offers practical and technology based solutions to the gremlins that often hold us back.

“It’s all about giving people back the ability to grow on their own.”

What You Can Expect:

  • A minimum of 12 hours in a small group with Bonny over a 100 day period. Scheduling of the sessions is tailored along the way to utilize the time when you most need it. Sessions are mostly 1 hour.
  • Appropriate motivational or stress management devices provided for home use.
  • Written Process instructions for implementing your program on the job or at home
  • Unlimited telephone or email support over the rest of the year