The Methods

Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP; Peak Mental Performance Training; Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Hemoencephalography HEG; and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Energy Psychology.

These are the methods from which our current professional performance coaching programs have grown. I have had the great fortune to have had extensive training in each of these methods by the greats in their respective fields.

“I have accomplished nothing if my client is not independent of me at the end!”

A purist at heart, I am. Yet, as every cook knows, it’s all in the mixin’. What with all the years of working independently in these widely diverse fields, a Mix began to develop which seemed to really potentiate my clients’ successes. My clients reported success after success. The changes they needed to make to reach their goals became more firmly engrained into everyday habit. It all became smoother and even more efficient.

Though the firm base remains always NLP, we will make use of the strengths of these other outstanding methods.

Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP

Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP is the study of human excellence – how we think and act it, how to achieve it, how to communicate with it, how to replicate it, how to transfer it. NLP techniques and processes are among the most powerful tools of mind in the world. For change, motivation, empowerment, influence, communication and persuasion.

NLP Modeling, behavioral modeling and modeling excellence seek to discover what top performers do that is very different from others in their field and then to transfer those skills (beliefs, thought patterns, action patterns) to others. Results: success.

Eye Movement Integration EMI is an NLP process for relieving the effects of trauma and chronic stress – quickly and easefully! EMI access “unintegrated” subconscious memories and re-wires them into a fuller understanding through moving the eyes (reprocessing) in different directions. The memories remain but the emotional charge that was causing the stress in the first place is gone. First developed by Connirae and Steve Andreas, evolved further through the efforts of Danielle Beaulieu. Results: immediate stress relief; different perspective on issues.

Peak Mental Performance Training

Peak Mental Performance Training is what makes a champion a champion and is consistent with peak mental performance, the inner game. What makes a professional a champion is the same. Think Roger Federer, Tiger Woods. It’s the whole set of (well over 30) mental tools that allow you to take control of your mental focus, self-talk and internal imagery. To then focus on what you want. To concentrate your power in that direction. Results: just that.

All peak performance training has the goal of achieving a particular state of awareness, focus and attention. Sportsmen have long called it The Zone. Timothy Gallway in his book the Inner Game of Tennis was one of the first to make popular the term. Mihaly Chicksenmilahy in his investigations of optimal living calls it the Flow State.

When you are in it, you know it. You are fully focused on the task at hand, nothing else. Your actions seem effortless. You are not thinking, not calculating, you are just doing. You control your breathing AND your adrenaline & stress hormone/cortisol levels. You are both at ease and challenged at the same time. You feel elated and fully self-confident!

    No matter what the name, it is THE critical set of skills to master for anyone out there performing in a demanding and chaotic world.

    Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Hemoencephalography HEG

    Biofeedback is a method that uses monitoring devices to help you consciously regulate your body’s functions, such as your heart rate, your sweat response, your muscle activity, eg your stress responses. It’s a fantastic learning tool because you can instantly recognize the effects of your thoughts and emotions on your body. And vice versa. Results: improved health, decreased stress.

    Neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain (neuro) based on the electrical activity of your brain. When you do neurofeedback training, you are training your brain to its maximum potential. Sensors on your head send signals to a computer and you watch these as they change and learn to do this voluntarily. Results: great gains in memory, attention, speed and mental resilience and agility.

    Hemoencephalography HEG is a newer form of neurofeedback which trains the brain to voluntarily increase its blood flow (increasing oxygen & glucose) to specific parts of the brain. Results: great gains in memory, attention, speed and mental resilience and agility in a relatively short period.

    Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Energy Psychology

    Emotional Freedom Technique EFT is easily the very most useful, handy and thus powerful form of the energy psychology methods. EFT represents the non plus ultra of self-help tools, designed by Gary Craig, from the earlier work of Roger Callahan. Results: immediate and measurable improvement in Heart Rate Variability (that’s good!); dramatic decrease in stress levels; softening-up of resistances and negative self-talk.

    The Warnke System

    The Warnke System is the premier method developed in Germany to help adults and children retrain their brain through a unique technology that presents both auditory and visual information to the central nervous system.  Benefits are quicker reaction times and improved coordination of the working of the two hemispheres of the brain.